So, you want to know more about the person behind the projects on this portfolio? I am Jurriƫn Dijkstra, an industrial design engineer with a profound interest in electronic devices.

I received my Master of Science degree in Industrial Design Engineering in 2016 at the University of Twente. The topic of my colloquium was “Infento Robotics: Design of a robotics expansion pack based on Infento’s modular construction material”, the contents of which you can find on this site.

During my studies I took the long route and worked on a lot of personal projects ranging from design exercises, to hacks, to rebuilding the cylinder head of our Volvo 480. In part, these side projects are the result of how my brain is wired; I don’t really have a filter. This can be challenging at times, but for the most part it is highly beneficial as a designer. I am very passionate about the things I do, love to discover new areas of interest and will not stop until the result is close to perfect.

The goal of this portfolio is two-fold. First of all, it is great to share projects with like-minded people and discuss the ins and outs of a project. Secondly, it is nice to be able to capitalize on the countless of spend hours in a professional sense.